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How to be soldered copper segment?

Author : admin  From :   Time : 2015-01-29

After the production of water-cooled transformers within the remaining copper and sometimes we do not know we supposed to, you can lose. In fact, these copper welding method can be used to connect them in use.


Because brass is used in water-cooled transformers above, so the quality of welded joints above have certain requirements, can not have a water leak, the local joints should not have glitches, which can not have fusible pipe collapse, there is weld there clogging, or may cause a short circuit transformer, so the tube inside the water can circulate freely, not going to the coil temperature is too high. Can be filled with silver alloy wire, welded joints make more reliable quality.


The first method is to weld the ends can be tied two brass saw, jig clamped in a brass, with oxyacetylene flame to heat the tube to expand the port, the other one into the inside, then the jig fixed. With asbestos hove tight, do not let the heat spread. Use the remaining oxide flame, so that the nucleus and the workpiece to maintain a certain distance from the wire and the torch to be vertical. In the wire ends together with solder powder, sprinkle it into the top edge of the weld puddle there. The solvent is seventy to eighty percent of borax and salt twenty to thirty percent of the steel. When the local temperature of the weld to be hungry when 550-600 degrees in the temperature down with cold water, refined grains, so that the joint has a very good plasticity. The final step is to place the welding flat file with a file, use magic sanded.