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What is copper, which has the characteristics of what?

Author : admin  From :   Time : 2015-01-29

Copper is a copper tube of one, is a non-ferrous metals, it is a seamless tube, in not very, and can conduct heat well, without break at the ambient temperature of the comparison, You can use normal. We generally use copper in which heat transfer equipment, cryogenic piping in which oxygen equipment can be used. Some relatively thin copper, can be used to convey some of the pressure of the liquid, which can also be used as an instrument of pressure measuring tube. Copper it is relatively strong, unlike other metals will corrode easily, so now many buildings were used for plumbing, refrigeration piping will choose to use copper.


Because of its advantages, in many cases, can be used, and compared to other pipes, like we used to use galvanized steel, it is very easy to rust, not long before the natural water will turn yellow, lack of water and so on. Still, when the temperature is relatively high, it may be broken, if the hot water, then it is more dangerous, but a very high melting point of the pass, the hot water temperature for copper is simply not a problem. There was 4,000 years ago, archaeologists found copper pipes can also be used up to now.


Copper is made of copper, which is a copper single quality, because the color is purple, so called copper, it's almost all the same properties and other copper melting point is very high, the density is also very good, than the average heavier steel. If it contains some oxygen, we generally called oxygenated copper, otherwise called the OFC.